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my heart is gold and my hands are cold

✯ The Rundown:

♫ NAME: Mackenzie Jolene Stuart
♫ AGE: 21
♫ HOME CITY: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
♫ OCCUPATION: Waitress at White Coyote Cafe
♫ VISUAL: Blonde and pink hair, blue eyes, 5 foot 3 inches tall. Played by Teresa Palmer.
♫ FAMILY: Mother, Peggy Stuart, Father, unknown. No (known) siblings.

Born in T or C, Mack Stuart grew up in a rundown doublewide with her mother, Peggy. She never knew her father; Peggy claimed to not "remember" him, but Mack assumes he was a deadbeat who skipped town when he found out Peggy was pregnant. Peggy is an alcoholic and dated a number of men through Mack's childhood, most of whom were abusive drunks. Although Peggy wasn't the most attentive mother, she does love her daughter and she and Mack have an affectionate, if strained, relationship.

Mack seriously lacks ambition, having graduated from high school by the skin of her teeth. She never entertained the idea of college, instead settling for the same job she had in high school at a local restaurant. Her only interest besides partying and alcohol was music - at 13, she inherited a guitar from the only decent boyfriend her mother ever had, Todd. He was the closest to a father that Mack ever had; unfortunately, his relationship with Peggy was unsustainable due to her alcoholism and they broke up. Mack taught herself to play the guitar over the next few years and began songwriting. However, contrary to her boisterous and aggressive personality, she suffers from severe low self-esteem and stage fright and refused to play for anyone other than her mother.

Growing up in her mother's toxic environment took its toll on Mack; she began drinking, smoking pot and partying at a young age. Although she avoids hard drugs, she is not above running in bad crowds. She had never gotten into serious trouble and doesn't commit crimes beyond shoplifting. She fell into the same bad relationship patterns as her mother, using casual sex as an escape and dating bad boys. At one point, hoping to finally escape her small town, she ran away to Las Cruces with her boyfriend, Gabe. He was a drunk and extremely abusive, and after being jailed for a car accident while he was drunk, she returned to Truth or Consequences and moved back in with her mother.

Although she dreams of one day moving to a big city and being a musician, she knows in her heart of hearts she is doomed to the same fate that her mother; alcohol, bad men and a shitty trailer in a small town.