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If there's a light at the end, it's just the sun in your eyes
I know you wanna go to heaven but you're human tonight.

✯ First Impressions

♫ VISUAL: Mack is very petite, standing at about 5 foot 2, but she makes up for it by being pretty boisterous and obnoxious.
♫ FASHION: Mack is not very fashion forward, and tends to dress with a little grunge edge. She likes old, baggy t-shirts and tank tops, and her shorts are usually incredibly short. She likes jeans with holes in them. Mack has blonde hair that she dies part pink, and she considers it her "signature" look.
♫ DEMEANOUR: Because of her short height and her general insecurities, Mack tries to make up for it in attitude. She is very loud, likes attention and enjoys making sure she goes into any situation with all eyes on her. It's hard to miss her in a room, whether you want to or not.
♫ AURAL: Mack is from the south west, and she doesn't have anything considered to be an accent. She has a very rudimentary grasp on grammar, however, and she doesn't choose her words carefully - or all that often correctly - when she speaks.
♫ OLFACTORY: Mack loves to wear perfume, so she probably usually smells like fruity body sprays or perfume marketed by celebrities.
♫ MENTAL INFORMATION: Mack is more intelligent than she lets on, but she won't have anything up against telepaths. Her life is an open book, so reading her mind will present everything about her background, her feelings, and her insecurities.
♫ POWER INFORMATION: None. Information about her river power at [community profile] alteredstates can be found here.

✯ Permissions

♫ BACKTAGGING: Please do, I live off of backtagging!
♫ FOURTHWALLING: Since Mack is an OC, she doesn't have anything to forthwall. However, her river power is sort of a forthwalling joke and is up for grabs for anyone who would be aware of coyote and roadrunner cartoons.
♫ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Mack is always down for some physical affection, especially of the no-strings-attached variety.
♫ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Mack has no fighting skills or experience. She is quick and spunky, but that will only get her so far in a fight.
♫ OFFENSIVE/TRIGGERING TOPICS: Mack's background includes alcoholism (both her own and her mother's), domestic abuse, smoking (cigarettes and pot), and casual sex. She can be a bit loose-lipped about her past, so if these topics offend you please let me know so I can work around her mentioning them.
♫ RELATIONSHIPS: Mack is not opposed to relations of any kind. Enter at your own risk.


♫ NAME: Bex
♫ PLURK: [ profile] bexxen
♫ MUSEBOX: [community profile] embarkation
♫ CURRENT GAMES: [community profile] alteredstates